Sunday, August 14, 2022

Realities of marathon training

 As I wade deeper into marathon training, I am realizing that 

  I may have forgotten a few details like... how tired one gets when hip-deep in marathon training ...for example. 
  And I may not have fully realized a few details like... how marathon training at age 70 may be just a tad tougher than marathon training at 40 or 50 ...for example.

That said, there are a few bonus features that go along with marathon training that have sprung forward from the memory banks. For example:

Running buddies! The gang has stepped up and joined me in many of my interval, tempo, and long run workouts and what a difference it makes! I'm slowly turning the ship from tourist cruiser to, well, not speed boat but there is definite speed improvement all thanks to the stellar pace setting capabilities of the crew.


Anita & Connie at Davidson Mesa - a fave for long repeats







Stretching under the full moon.
Put down the camera & stretch pjv!

Workout done on South Boulder Creek
Did Randall, Connie & Anita even break a sweat?!

Example number 2: After your long run - even if you are bone tired, hot, hungry, thirsty and disappointed in your run - delights may be awaiting you at the end. In today's case, it was the County Fair and the offerings were quite successful in making this hot, tired, hungry & thirsty human break out in smiles and laughter.

From the quilt exhibit

From the baking exhibit

So with all these reminders in mind...shall we just keep on keeping on? You betcha!

Wednesday, August 03, 2022

August 1 - a notable date in the VaughanMiller family

 August 1 has brought both sadness and joy to our family.

August 1, 1996: on the way back from Michigan to Colorado in the first new car we had ever owned, we were hit by a car whose driver had fallen asleep at the wheel. Our car rolled, the car was totaled, Kendall and kids were pretty much o.k. (tho' the kids were put on backboards and rushed by ambulance to the hospital to be checked out with me riding anxiously along), the kids reported seeing our dog, Loki, sailing through the air as the car rolled but he was o.k., and it wasn't until we eventually got back to Boulder that I realized I wasn't o.k. - with a concussion and multiple back sprains (amazing what adrenaline will do to keep a person going). But we survived and eventually all was well.

Loki on the trail at Lake of the Clouds,
Porcupine Mountains, Michigan 1991
August 1, 1997: our dog, Loki, passed away. He was an extraordinary running buddy and that pup knew and empathized with my every mood. There will never be another Loki although we have since had two dogs that we have loved (Jester) and love (Taz) dearly.











To turn the first day of August into a joyful date to remember, I was determined to finish my Boulder, Colorado to Petoskey, Michigan run on August 1, 2007. What a fantastic journey that was - and what a grand way to bring a monumental dose of happiness to August 1.






And this August 1 - 2022 - looking for another joyful memory to add to this date, Kendall and I cogitated on how to celebrate Colorado Day (also an August 1 event) and/or accomplish the 50th item on our 70 in 70 quest - and came up with a trip to Nederland and a ride on the Carousel of Happiness. A wonderful way to celebrate August 1!

In 1986, Scott Harrison, an ex-Marine who was calmed by a music box and the image of a carousel in a mountain meadow while serving in Vietnam, rescued a 1910 Loof carousel from a warehouse in Utah then spent the next 26 years carving 56 animals that would bring his vision of a mountain meadow carousel to life. 

So many choices of where to ride!

And so many things to look at while riding!



PLUS! all throughout the ride there is music from the restored 1913 Wurlitzer Band Organ which plays 101 instruments using compressed air generated by bellows. Magnificent!

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Summer in Petoskey! A wrap-up of our June/July visit

Beyond the 70 in 70 activities, our six week stay at our Petoskey home was delightful in itself!  To sum it up....

Our arrival in Petoskey - just in time for sunset. It was so much so "just in time" that we pulled into the driveway, jumped out of Hedwig, and dashed across the street to the lake shore just in time to get a few pics. (Sunset photos became our tradition every night we were there - somehow, I will whittle down the collection to less than a few hundred for posting here.)

Sunset the night we arrived in Petoskey

Lucky sunset kayakers.

Sunset watch and pictures? Woof!!!
Taz giving his sunset opinion

As Sasha said: "Could it get any more Miller" (Kendall, Kitty & Steve)


Fourth of July Eve sunset

 In addition to sunsets, we had critters!

A beaver at the mouth of Bear River,
Little Traverse Bay

It seems this was a busy summer for deer...
Deer munching leaves behind my high school

Doe & fawn along the Petoskey-Harbor Springs path

Deer watching my cemetery hill repeats


A busy insect year too!

A really BIG moth!

Grand dragonfly

Lots of waterfowl to be seen in the bay...

Out for a family swim

Teaching the little ones how to surf

Let's not forget the birds in the trees...

It wouldn't be Petoskey without entertainment & events galore!

Petoskey High Steel Drum band
playing in the park the day after our arrival!

A car show our first weekend there - much to Kendall's delight!

A much more jaw-dropping vintage car show a bit later in our stay

As is true in any locale, everywhere you turn, one can find amusements...

Kendall playing with fire is, indeed, entertainment!
(The grill is a new addition to our Lake Street house)
While doing hill repeats, I got to see a
new steeple being put on our family's church!

Roe v Wade decision protest
July 3

Pride Parade on June 28 -
we marched especially in honor of Sasha

Of course there was a Fourth of July Parade!

and fireworks!

Artsy entertainment at the community college (North Central Michigan CC)



...and there's always lake-side entertainment

Classic entertainment: a book at the lake

More classic entertainment: boat race spectating at the lake

And every day, a run!

The Bear River trail has been a long-time favorite. This year, I discovered a spring-blossom-bedecked side trail. Fantastic! (First two photos are from stretches of the trail I have often run, the next bunch of photos are from the new-to-me stretch.)

The entry into the spring blossom wonderland


 Another favorite run - the Little Traverse Wheelway. Unfortunately, my favorite section is closed 1.5 miles into the trail from our house because of a massive landslide. Nonetheless, Taz and I often ran the three-mile round trip just cuz it's so darn pretty.









A challenge I set for myself during this visit was to see how far I could get along the Northwest State Trail during a morning run with the goal being 11.5 miles to Alanson where we get fresh spring water. It is a lovely trail for pursuing a goal.

1st try - and spotted itty bitty snails along the trail
(there were lots of the little critters!)












2nd try - lily pads and 76 degrees, 86% humidity

Third attempt and I made it to the spring!
(no pics along the way - sub 12 pace!)




Another goal I set for myself was to run the 15+ miles from Petoskey to Charlevoix - something I've never done before. Did it this time!

There's a really long boardwalk stretch
near Charlevoix

After several miles of running through trees, the trail drops down to the lake!

It turns out the rolling hills of Petoskey's cemetery make a great workout venue. Most of my tempo runs were zigging and zagging along the asphalt paths through the cemetery. 

Bonus feature of the cemetery runs:
I got to 'say hi' to my Aunt & Uncle

...and if it wasn't a long run or a speed run, Mister Taz was usually at my side...

It was a hot and humid run. Somebody needed a rest stop.

Petoskey - an excellent visitor attractant!

Cousin John and his wife, Marcie, came to Petoskey to help celebrate Kendall's birthday!

Post-lunch respite at the waterfront

Lunch at the brewery that our
Uncle Porter & Aunt Evie
used to own (before it was
restored as a brewery)

A rousing rendition of "Happy Birthday"
with Marcie on accordion & John on harmonica

Kendall's brother Steve and his wife Kitty spent a couple of days with us on their way to visit Kitty's family!

Gathering around for sunset viewing

Hanging out with Hemingway

Petoskey! A rollicking good time!