Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Energy rebounding

I think my energy stores are on the rebound. The first clue was waking up at midnight and putzing about until almost 4 a.m.. Then:
  • read a book and a newspaper from 5:30 a.m. until 8-ish.
  • painted the downstairs bathroom after a quick breakfast. (We had a plumbing emergency just before we left town. The repair work, done during our absence, included putting a hole in the wall. The subsequent dry wall patch looked a tad tacky with our dark blue bathroom.)
  • ran to the running store.
  • walked a few miles to/through the next round of errands.
  • mowed the lawn until driven inside by thunder, lightening, and huge downpour
  • ran through the rain to the neighborhood park to see if the creek flooded. Did it ever! It had become a roaring river filling up its banks, the creekside bike path, and the tunnels/underpasses beneath the neighborhood streets and bridges. Exciting stuff.
  • cleaned the bathroom.
  • washed the kitchen floor.
I think it may be time to start bringing my mileage back up!


Anonymous said...

wow - come to my house PJ - it needs lots of painting and cleaning. Take advantage of the energy surge while it lasts - I hope there will not be a crash.

Linda said...

Put me on the list! You can get in some quality miles to/from Longmont, PLUS I can put you to work. Do you do windows? Glad to have you back in town.