Thursday, June 11, 2009

Moseying across the country

As you know, if you've read about my run from Colorado to Michigan, I'm a big fan of savoring the miles as one crosses the country. See the sights, enjoy the smells, revel in the fresh air... The thirty-mile-per-day plan was a delightful approach to travel.

Our most recent trip covered the distance a bit more quickly - something like 600 miles per day. Last week we journeyed to Illinois to attend Paul's Phi Beta Kappa induction ceremony and Devon's girlfriend Corinne's graduation (all at Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois). The weekend's festivities culminated with the packing of all of Devon's stuff into our motorhome and moving him back to Colorado where he will be pursuing a degree in speech communication.

On the way back to Colorado, we crossed paths with a group of folks who were taking the leisurely approach to cross-country travel. They had crossed Iowa last summer, are making their way across Nebraska this summer and will travel through Wyoming next summer...20 miles per day via wagon train! They allowed us to drive along with for a mile or so and I ran alongside in order to get the pictures. I suspect I was warmer running than they were sitting on their wagons in the rain...but what a way to travel!

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Deb said...

Oh my, Paula -- leave it to you to hook up with a wagon train for pete's sake!! Love it!