Sunday, October 31, 2010

Wow do I have a lot of catching up to do!

Four months since I've posted. Terrible!

So, what's new? Well, starting with the most current:

Halloween! Finally we have a porch with a stoop wide enough for trick or treaters. That was one September-October project that kept us entertained! A new bay window, a west- (mountains) facing window where there was a wall, in addition to the new front porch were all part of the project. We're loving the result!

As for recent running, October was a rather puny month. Great autumn weather, lovely trails beckoning, but I just did not seem to be in the mood. Perhaps because of travel interruptions, perhaps because of dark cold mornings, perhaps because of achy body parts, perhaps because of taking on actual paid work (perhaps I'm allergic?). Who knows. But my October total mileage is almost 30% lower than my next lowest mileage month of 2010. This morning, as I put on my gear, I was debating where to run. I toyed with the idea of running with Jester, which would have guaranteed a run no longer than 20-30 minutes (he's gettin' old). I rejected that idea (perhaps the tide is turning), and decided to go out the door and head west and see what happened. A few minutes into the run, my brain took over my body, and trails were before me.

Over to NIST I headed, up Skunk Canyon - my most favorite autumn trail. It is well past prime color season but still delightful. I ran up Skunk to the Mesa Trail then over to Bear Canyon Road, and back out into the neighborhoods for a quick visit with son Paul, then back home. My achy body parts are still talking to me, but my head sure is happy!

Now backing up for a quick review of summer and autumn highlights:

Corinne came for a Fourth of July weekend visit with Devon. Great weather, great hiking!

We had great success with cherry trees this summer.
Enough cherries for 5 pies and 2 crisps. We froze most of the cherries, but had to have at least one fresh-from-the-tree homemade cherry pie. Yum!

Summer included a road trip to Oregon with stops along the way to:

- the Golden Spike National Historic Site...way cool

- and a Diners Drive-ins and Dives restaurant in Boise:
Pizzalchik where we feasted on a most excellent meal of, yes, pizza and salad (but no chicken...this time. If we ever find ourselves in Idaho again we are making the trip to Boise just to get another meal at Pizzalchik.)

Then it was on to Oregon and a wonderful visit with Kendall's sister Cheryl.

The highlight of the past month was my mom's 90th birthday. We went back to Petoskey and threw her a party including a surprise visit from her baby brother (a youngster at 87). Mom is inspiring with her high energy and wonderful friendships. A great time was had by all!

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