Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day!

Mother's Day 2013: snow in Petoskey!

Mother's Day 2014: snow in Boulder!
Taz and snow-bent flower on Enchanted Mesa trail, Boulder, Mother's Day 2014

Taz is beginning to wonder what this whole "Mother's Day" thing is about.  Methinks the next time he hears those words, he will automatically start looking for snowflakes!  This year's Mother's Day, Taz and I are in Boulder, elder son Devon is at his home in Kansas City, and Kendall and younger son Paul are on the road back from KC with my brother, Dave, whom Kendall treated to a weekend of NASCAR racing.  So Taz and I spent the morning doing one of my most favorite while-away-the-morning activities: running on trails.  Yes it was snowy and wet. But oh yes it was lovely.  In the two hours we were out there, we encountered only two other people - one woman walking, one woman running.  And we also encountered deer, rabbits, a fox, robins, hawks, flowers bending under the snow, and sparkling white pines.  'Twas like running in a cocoon.  So peaceful, so quiet.

Back at home: a big bowl of oatmeal with walnuts and dried cherries, followed by a pasty-making extravaganza.  I'm trying out a vegetarian version, so not quite traditional but they sure look good - pry even better once out of the oven.  Hopefully a yummy treat for the fellas when they arrive back home!

Overlooking Boulder from Chautauqua trails.  Boulder? Where's Boulder? Mother's Day 2014

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