Saturday, December 31, 2016

My 2016 Running Year

A peaceful run for the final day of 2016
The every-day running of 2016 was fairly ordinary, but not to say dull. And there were many runs of the exceptional-not-so-every-day variety! Of the 2,361.5 miles of 2016:
  • 33 miles less than last year but more mileage than each of the two prior years;
  • many runs with a variety of friends - always fun!
Connie & Anita, weekly running buddies
Reunion of the original Satboys Running Gang

  • runs along some of my most favorite routes both in Colorado and in Michigan
Many a run along Little Traverse Bay this year with Taz

  • just two races: the Bolder Boulder 10k and the Beat the Blerch Half-Marathon (in Carnation, Washington);
  • another successful Relay for Life - a night of incomparable camaraderie with thousands of dollars raised for the American Cancer Society;  
  • and a good start in my quest to run a trail in every state, checking off 13 states in 2016 (Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, California and Nevada), Trail suggestions for any of the remaining states are welcome and encouraged!
I seem to have stumbled upon the perfect quest for my temperament and marriage. Kendall thoroughly enjoys road trips to new and different places, and I thoroughly enjoy finding new places to run with an emphasis on interesting locales and no worries about distance or type of trail (dirt, gravel, sand, whatever). We're just having a good time being out there. This marker from the Erie-Lackawanna Trail, my first trail, seemed to be a sign that this quest is meant to be - and the photo from the Beat the Blerch Half-Marathon on the Snoqualmie Valley Trail captures the joy that each of these adventures has brought us.

 My friend Lysa gave me a quote she found that she said reminded her of me: "Those who wish to sing always find a song." I will be singing as I run my way through 2017 doodah! doodah!

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