Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Mud Season

With all the oscillating between snow-rain-sun, one can just imagine the mud puddles splashing up all over. And if you're one lively cattle dog, you don't have to imagine those mud puddles. Oh no, you get to run right through them. Thus Paul and I decided today, with its 80 degree sunshine, would be the day for Taz's spring bath. Taz just plain does not like water. And Taz, like our previous dogs, has been trained not to go in the bathroom. But when we approach the bathroom with a cup of treats (tuna today) and we point to the tub, he trots right in. Treats win out every time...he's so easy.

Bath done. Towel in place. And! Yummm!  More tuna!

Fresh fuzzy shiny Taz!

Ah well, so much for shiny... But there's nothing better than a happy pup!

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