Sunday, August 14, 2022

Realities of marathon training

 As I wade deeper into marathon training, I am realizing that 

  I may have forgotten a few details like... how tired one gets when hip-deep in marathon training ...for example. 
  And I may not have fully realized a few details like... how marathon training at age 70 may be just a tad tougher than marathon training at 40 or 50 ...for example.

That said, there are a few bonus features that go along with marathon training that have sprung forward from the memory banks. For example:

Running buddies! The gang has stepped up and joined me in many of my interval, tempo, and long run workouts and what a difference it makes! I'm slowly turning the ship from tourist cruiser to, well, not speed boat but there is definite speed improvement all thanks to the stellar pace setting capabilities of the crew.


Anita & Connie at Davidson Mesa - a fave for long repeats







Stretching under the full moon.
Put down the camera & stretch pjv!

Workout done on South Boulder Creek
Did Randall, Connie & Anita even break a sweat?!

Example number 2: After your long run - even if you are bone tired, hot, hungry, thirsty and disappointed in your run - delights may be awaiting you at the end. In today's case, it was the County Fair and the offerings were quite successful in making this hot, tired, hungry & thirsty human break out in smiles and laughter.

From the quilt exhibit

From the baking exhibit

So with all these reminders in mind...shall we just keep on keeping on? You betcha!

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