Sunday, March 16, 2008

In a fog

Spectacularly bright jacket - along North Loup River fog in Nebraska Sandhills - June 23, 2007

Quite the run yesterday... I left the house at 5:30 a.m.-ish. Twas a bit chilly (20s) and smelled like rain. Within a half-mile, swirls of fog were rolling past (a rarity in Boulder). Within another quarter-mile, crystals filled the air...not quite snow but thicker than air. Then it was back to the rain smell followed by fog so thick I could see headlights on cars coming toward me - but not the cars. All the while hoping that my glo-bright yellow jacket was giving fair warning to anyone coming my way in this pre-dawn haze.

Our grand rendezvous point for our long weekend run was out at the Boulder Reservoir. It was a perfect location for the conditions!
The fog had settled on the rez - which also was playing host to several CU crew teams this early morning.
It looked rather like an old WWII movie with ships peaking out of the haze as they snuck about the water.

Amongst it all, a bald eagle watched over the morning's festivities.

As morning progressed, something within me seemed to awaken as the fog cleared. We were finishing our run on the last few miles of the Boulder Backroads marathon course and I felt myself kicking into a higher gear...something I used to like to do as I finished marathons in the pre-1400-mile-run days. This March day, I decided to find out if I still had a strong finish left in me (versus my more typical slog of late). And there it was: high(ish) knees, long(ish) stride, a bit of a reserve of power to draw on - and willing to be drawn upon. A grand finish to a three-hour run!

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