Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Devil's Thumb and Flatirons from Enchanted Mesa TrailOutside time is easy on the eyes in Boulder!

The third Abert's Squirrel I've seen this month!
Despite protests from every corner of my body, I logged the miles this past week to reach my goal of 2000 (actually 2000.5) miles for the year.  The week's runs ran the gamut, fitting my I-hate-being-in-a-rut personality quite nicely:
Monday: run to my volunteer job and back (standard Monday fare).
Tuesday: run around the CU cross-country property, meet up with running buddy Amie, run to our exercise class, spot a bear in a tree, spend an hour+ in class, then run home.
Wednesday: 2 1/2 hour run with Amie starting just as our all-night, very welcome rain showers were tapering off.  Delightfully wet run!
Thursday: run to exercise class, exercise, run home from exercise class, drive out to the Boulder Rez, and run around the Rez with a friend visiting from Estes Park.
Friday: easy run with my rambunctious Taz in the morning and a quick run to/fro the neighborhood library in the afternoon.
Saturday: a run out to Teller Farms, meet up with running buddy Joe for a run out/back along the Teller Farms trail accompanied by balloons, horses, dog walkers, and a high school cross country team.
Sunday: a very tired run which I had to talk myself into continuing, rendezvousing with running buds Connie & Anita for the middle bit of the run, then trot trot trot on home.

Colleen, pjv & Taz on Enchanted Mesa Trail

Yes, very tired after all that.  But!  Post-run Sunday, quick hopped into the shower then scurried into the kitchen to prep for a dinner with Colleen, my cousin Jim's daughter...only about the third time we've met eachother and the first time she's been to our home.  Shortly after she arrived at the house, she, Paul, Taz and I set out for a hike up behind NIST and onto Kohler Mesa, Enchanted Mesa, and Chautauqua followed by a delightful visit and dinner upon returning to the house.  After saying our farewells, I cleaned up the kitchen and was about to settle down for the evening when I realized I had nary an twinge in my entire body.  Further proof, I do believe, that to keep the aches and pains of running big miles away, one must continually be on the move.  It's sitting around that makes you hurt!
Well-deserved post-run, post-hike dinner with cousin Colleen, brother Dave, hubby Kendall & sons Paul & Devon

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