Thursday, June 11, 2015

Road Trip Running

I love road trips - seeing the countryside, finding hidden gems, and running in new surroundings. Our trip to Michigan from which we just returned offered plenty of opportunity for road trip running what with 6 days on the road for 3 full days in Michigan.  So here ya' go - a road trip travelogue.

June 3, pouring rain at the beginning of the day,
so stopped at a river trail along the Cedar River
in Waterloo, Iowa for a midday run and lunch break.


June 4, a sweet little run on trails 
around ponds  in an office park 
near our hotel in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin 
(home to Beans N' Cream, our favorite Wisc. coffee shop)

June 5, back to Lake Michigan and a run east along the waterfront 
in Petoskey from the Bear River trail

June 6, a much sunnier day in Petoskey and a westward-bound run along Little Traverse Bay

June 7, a run along a favorite trails, the Little Traverse Wheelway along Little Traverse Bay

June 8, a quick early morning run before leaving town.  
Creations enveloped in fog...
(spider web, rock sculpture, Lake Michigan)

June 9, a two-run day. The first one, at sunrise in Dubuque, Iowa was just too short so I followed that up with a sultry hot (98-degree hot by the time I finished) but thoroughly enjoyable run along the Missouri River in Sioux City, Iowa

 June 10, Kendall's birthday - and a Wednesday,
which means hill day.
In Lexington, Nebraska that means repeats
on the pedestrian overpass
up and over a whole lotta busy railroad tracks.

So, yes, a lot of fun running. But the best part of the trip - seeing a happy healthy mom!

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