Sunday, May 02, 2021

May Day Weekend!


May has had a very fine start! Davidson Mesa was our chosen venue for a tempo workout and running buddy Connie and I were greeting with a stellar view of gleaming snow-covered Longs Peak. This was quite a change from the foggy morning we had encountered a week ago when almost our entire gang of women training buddies ran an informal 5k time trial on this very same mesa. The weather may not have been glorious, but the company sure was. Hooray for vaccinations! [Note: I have been searching for a name for this group of women - "women" sounding so very formal. This outing led me to start referring to our intrepid crew as "The Foggy Runner Gang." We'll see if it sticks!]


 Prior to that foggy day, we had a few April snow storms - much to Taz's delight (I wasn't quite so enthusiastic). They, of course, presented challenges - but also the opportunity to try out my newest pair of trail shoes (I find trail shoes to be a dandy form of footwear for traversing snow/ice-covered streets and trails). And so y'all get to see a few obligatory happy Taz snow photos!




And Taz and I had the pleasure of one very wet run in rain turning to snow. I'm not quite sure if Taz is licking the rain from my face or if he's getting a drink. It was really really wet!

Half way between the Saturday foggy run and the Saturday brilliant sunny snow-capped view run, Connie and I had a trail workout which offered us snow up above and puddles down below. The running conditions were actually quite perfect: not too cold and not too hot and even not too wet!

Today's run, this second day of May, was another of my Sunday tranquility trail runs. In addition to the joy of a long run, fresh air, and calm environs, I was treated to spring blossoms peeking out along the trail.


And I even managed to finish up my run just as the rumble of thunder rolled in. Whew!


 Happy May y'all!

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