Tuesday, August 03, 2021


 I have never had delusions about becoming a triathlete. I am much too timid on a bike and am much more of a thrasher than a swimmer. Besides that, I absolutely love love love to run so if I am going to spend my precious free time athleticizing, then I choose running! (Unless, of course, I am at a beach, then bring on the wave thrashing, the rock & shell hunting, and the boogie boarding - though I will undoubtedly run there first!)

That said, today was most definitely a multi-sport day - actually a quadathlon - but no biking or swimming involved. Today's event stages were:

  1. Dog run: run with Taz via a circuitous route to Paul's house where Kendall was to meet us and Paul, K, Taz and Barley were to head out on a walk. I stayed behind at Paul's for stage #2 in my quadathlon.

  2. Weed pull: I have a limit on how much bindweed I can stand and Paul's front yard had exceeded that limit. Paul's compost barrel is now overflowing. Stage #2 is done!

  3. Real Run: run an even more circuitous route back home. The challenge here is to convince my legs that they are, indeed, capable of lifting after however many weed pull squats they have just been subjected to.

  4. Apple toss: our apple tree is loaded - and it turns out that apples love to fall off the tree long before they are ready to eat - thus the need to toss them into the compost barrel. My record today for a single toss was 7 apples - three in one hand, four in the other - from 10 yards.  Given the number of apples on our tree, I suspect I will have plenty of opportunities to hone that skill and break that record!

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