Sunday, August 22, 2021

Running Buddy Potpourri

My how times have changed!

Twenty+ years ago I started running with the Satboys - a run every Saturday morning followed by breakfast with lots of jolly joshing throughout. Over the years, folks moved away, others hung up their running shoes due to injury or age or both. Now there are four of us left in town with a mix of walking, easy running, and me who is still running a fair distance at an occasionally fair pace. But each week still has a Saturday, and each week those of us who happen to be in town look forward to meeting up once again.

After retiring and doing my run to Michigan, a running buddy from our pre-motherhood days contacted me to see if I'd be interested in training with her and a neighbor. Thus my gang of women running buddies was born and has since grown to five of us.  But with this group, too, age, injury, and life's demands impact running ability and schedules.

Two running groups, two bunches of unique individuals, and yet here we are united in ever-lasting friendship.  This past Saturday highlighted this miracle bond of perambulation.

Just as the sun was coming up, Connie and I arrived at Davidson Mesa to do a mile-repeats workout. A soft haze to the west and ruby red sunrise to the east greeted us - a simply lovely start to the day.









 As we started our mile repeats, the differences between me and Connie became instantly apparent:

  1. Connie had stripped down to a singlet; I was thinking maybe I should have left my jacket on.
  2. Connie immediately put many many yards of distance between us. She is incredibly fit this year!
  3. Connie was focused on the workout, the pace, the miles; I was pulling out my phone/camera to get a photo of how darned fast that woman is these days!






At some point during that first mile, Anita arrived at the mesa. She is rehabbing a swollen knee with strict instructions to avoid high impact activity - so she walked. For those of you who have entertained thoughts of going for a stroll with Anita, you might want to bring your jet packs along. The speedy Swede knows how to cruise! 


After the mile repeats, I headed off to join the Satboys: Phil who was walking with his dog, Oliver, and Joe who was going for an easy few miles. I was late to the rendezvous spot (I had warned the guys that this might happen and to start without me) - so I took off running to try to catch up with them. I gotta tell you, seeing a Satboy running toward me always brings a smile to my face - and today it was Joe, cresting a hill along a floral-lined country road. (When he saw the camera he shouted "Ha! Proof that I do still run!")









And once again proving that no matter how few or how many of us there are, the Satboys still crown the day with the post-run/walk reward of breakfast with a heaping helping of chitchat and laughter.


 Running buddies. The best gift that running has ever given me...

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