Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Day 1 - 30 down, 1421 to go!

Leaving Boulder via Highway 52

The running has begun! And what a day - filled with example after example of how wonderful people can be.

  • Deb arrived early and piled her car with enough supplies for an army (or one very slow runner).
  • Son Paul donned his running gear and made ready to run the first 15 with me. (By the way, he loaned me his gps watch - great for watching pace and mileage!)
  • I came out on the driveway of our house to be greeted by two huge superman/woman balloons - and friends taking pictures.
  • The second block of the route took us past Kendall's school where students were out to high five us as we passed and the staff cheered mightily.
  • Dennis and Greg from my former office met us along the bike path and ran with us to the office. Dennis gave me a golden buffalo pin to carry along with - and along with a stare-in-my-eyes/hands-on-my-shoulder proclamation that "You're gonna do it!"
  • As we arrived at my old office there was a crowd in front, holding huge colorful signs, cheering AND a kazoo band playing the CU fight song. Send-offs just don't get any better than that!
  • After the office, things quieted down and Paul and I chatted a bit and Deb met us often along the road. At one point I spotted a bunny and tried to point it out to Paul who couldn't quite hear what I said...thus was born the funny bunny money.
  • After we wrapped up the morning run, at exactly 15 miles, we drove over the Great Harvest Bakery-Longmont who had offered me bread for the run. Holy smokes! Not just bread. Yes bread, several loaves and muffins and cookies, and rolls, and cinnamon rolls, and powerbarthingies (absolutely marvelous for right after a 30-mile day). I couldn't believe it. This whole huge box (now with a huge dent in the contents. Yum!) Thank you Matt and Marin and Great Harvest Bakery!!!
  • We then dropped one tired Paul off at home where I had just enough time for an ice bath before jumping back in the car and heading out to the afternoon portion of our adventure. Just a few miles into that run, AndyE drove by, then parked and took pictures, then took off down the road and met me six miles into the run. I must confess, I was having a decidedly less than stellar day. Tummy was squirrely, I wasn't handling the heat all that well (it was about 80 out), and by afternoon my legs were achey/crampy. AndyE's fellowship along the last 9 miles along with Deb's every-mile support absolutely made this first 30 possible.
  • Highlights of the afternoon included a tail wind (strong enough that whenever we happened to turn into it, both AndyE and I would blurt out "I'm glad we're not headed west!"), a hawk that kept flying just above us, and Deb's presence whenever we needed her....fresh water, watermelon, ice packs on cramping calves, a sun-bright smile....I told her she should go pro in the support crew business!
Pop's golf tee is now stuck in the ground by the Fort Lupton Historical Society building, waiting for me to start up again tomorrow. And after a good night's rest, I think I shall be ready to start!

Basic facts of the day:
- a.m.: 15.0 miles, 3 hours 34 minutes, with Paul
- p.m.: 15.46 miles, 3 hours 51 minutes, with AndyE the last 9 miles

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Kathleen said...

Congratulations on completing your first day, Paula! That runner in Scottsdale reminded DRS that your run started today and was nice enough to put in your blog address. I hope you will consider writing a bestseller after you get to Michigan! I look forward to reading your daily adventures! Sincerely, The K3 Watanabe Family