Saturday, June 30, 2007

Farewell Nebraska - HELLO IOWA!!!

Paula - amazed that she made it to Iowa!

Yes, indeed, I'm now in Iowa! But I must say, Nebraska was very very good to me: many delightful running weather days, gorgeous scenery throughout the Sandhills, a stellar 31-miles of crushed limestone Cowboy Trail (almost like having a day off, my legs were so happy), wide-shouldered country roads with cautious drivers, and wonderfully warm-hearted people throughout.

And, today, I crossed into Iowa! By way of bike trails from Dakota City (where we stayed at a lovely campground right on the Missouri), through South Sioux City, over the Missouri, and into/through Sioux City - with the capable and enjoyable guide services of Randy from the Missouri River Runners. After leaving Randy and the bike trails I headed through running buddy Patti's old neighborhood of Leeds, then out on county roads per the advice of the Iowa Department of Transportation. They're right about less traffic on these roads - but the shoulder is non-runnable/non-existent, and drivers don't seem to be disposed to move over at all as they barrel down the roads at 60 mph. We've already been reworking the route to avoid the heavy tourist area of Spirit Lake since I'm behind schedule and would be landing there during the holiday week. I think we'll now rework it further to try to find a compromise between no-shoulder county roads and heavier-traffic roads. This little project is still keeping me on my toes (so to speak)!

  • Kendall asked me if I was feeling bullet proof yet. No way. Between the Leg Incident and the heat (always respect the heat), I'm still feeling very mortal - but a very happy mortal!
  • Corn has grown from calf-high in Colorado to taller-than-me now in eastern Nebraska and Iowa.
  • I got spoiled this morning with a bit of flat as I finished off Nebraska. But Iowa is treating me to hills again. No chance of getting bored on this run. Nope nope!
  • While camping at the combo campground and airport in Wayne, Nebraska we were treated to a firefly show - blinking glow lights covering the grass as far as we could see, right at sunset. Magic!
  • New claim to fame: I appear to be capable of starting pig stampedes just by running by (and, well, making a comment about the size of their ears).
  • Food roadkill to date: velveeta cheese package melted all over the asphalt (in Colorado), a hamburger sandwich with each layer dribbling down the road, a pork chop (yesterday), and a large bunch of bananas (today).
  • And, thanks to all these miles, today I ate my first entire ice cream sundae at Blue Bunny headquarters in Le Mars, Iowa. Yummm!
Paula & Paul on the Nebraska-Iowa state line (over the Missouri River)

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Anonymous said...

Your experiences are leading me deeper into my belief of serendipity, especially "coffee with the girls". Take care, keep going, you will succeed.