Tuesday, June 05, 2007

PJ's Run Eve - evening update

The nerves are settling. I've packed (and it all fits in the motorhome!), I've paid the bills, I've printed out the check lists. Now I just tell myself that when I wake up in the morning, all I have to do is go running.

And some good stuff happened today that definitely helped with the nerves.
  • Magic Fingers Beggsy worked all the travel kinks out of my back. Whew!
  • Long-time running buddy Patti dropped off a card with a great picture of Rosie the Riveter and "We Can Do It" emblazoned across the front. I think that's going to have to go in one of the motorhome windows.
  • Brother-in-law and his wife surprised me with a visit and we had a delightful dinner together....the first time in a long time the VaughanMiller family has gathered around the dining room table. Yay the boys are home!
  • Speaking of dinner, my family cooked up two kinds of pasta and three kinds of sauces to serve along with a big salad, watermelon and fresh cherries. They were so proud of their delectable pre-run feast creations - and I was so very honored.
  • Patti called this evening to check in (I wasn't home when she came by with the card) and her husband, Rich (also a long-time friend as well as a coach and the president of the Boulder Road Runners), asked in the background if I wanted him to drop off some starting blocks in the morning. I said sure - along with a jet pack!
Good night all. Tomorrow we shall run!


Anonymous said...

Have fun, Paula! YOU CAN DO IT!!!
- Melinda

MartyTheFool said...

Yeah Cousin Paula!


I hope to see in 'sconsin in July(?)


Anonymous said...

Go cousin Paula, wait I am confused I thought I was "the" cousin Marty, who is this imposter =8-).

Martín - SLC

Anonymous said...

Good luck, Paula,
I'll be following your progress.
Dick Lipsey.

Anonymous said...

We're all rooting for you!

Donna E - former virtual women's running buddy