Thursday, July 26, 2007

Michigan schedule - the final week!

For those of you curious about when I'll be where these final days of the run, here's the estimated schedule (as usual: the schedule can change at any time for any reason!)

  • July 26: rest day in Gladstone
  • July 27: Hwy 2 ~30 miles to Manistique
  • July 28: Hwy 2 from Manistique to ~30 east of Manistique
  • July 29: Hwy 2 to Cut River
  • July 30: Hwy 2 from Cut River to St Ignace ferry docks
  • July 31 a.m.: Mackinac Island
  • July 31 p.m.: Mackinaw City ferry docks to Mackinaw-Petoskey trail, then the trail to Pellston
  • August 1: Mackinaw-Petoskey Trail, Hiawatha Trail & Little Traverse Wheelway from Pellston to Petoskey

1 comment:

Josh said...

The end is in sight- it's all adrenaline now! :)

How bout 10 burpies when you cross the finish line ;)

Great work Paula- enjoy your last week!

Your BCOR coach