Monday, July 23, 2007

She's in Michigan!

Devon reporting again. Today at roughly noon Eastern time, Paula Vaughan ran across the state border from Wisconsin into Michigan and is now entering the final leg, and state, of her journey!


Anonymous said...

YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!! We just got back from 3 days in Etna, CA at a Blue Grass Festival and will leave tomorrow morning for 5 days in Colorado. Bummed we'll miss you, but are expecting a visit from you next summer in the new motor home, want to run to Oregon?

love ya....the oregon gang

J said...

This is GREAT. The problem is that after this is over, I am going to get the Post PJ Run Blues!

Julia in Boston

Anonymous said...

another MA Dead Runner signing in - fantastic Paula, almost there - what a trip.
Mary in MA

Kathleen Hickey said...

Wow!! You're as good as there now. Can't wait to read the rest of the journey. I've been living vicariously for months now.

Kathleen in scorching CO