Saturday, July 28, 2007

Slight schedule change for the final days

There are some very slight changes, highlighted below, for the final few days of the run to Petoskey.
  • July 29: Hwy 2 to Cut River
  • July 30: Hwy 2 from Cut River to Mackinac City.
  • July 31 a.m.: Mackinac Island
  • July 31 p.m.: Mackinaw-Petoskey trail to Pellston
  • August 1: Mackinaw-Petoskey Trail, Hiawatha Trail & Little Traverse Wheelway from Pellston to Petoskey


Anonymous said...

Paula! Kendall! Paul!

Way to Go! Almost there - I can just feel that fresh Michigan air! Unlike our wet humid Texas air with some very soggy trails!


Kathleen Hickey said...

I'll be thinking about you tomorrow when you arrive at the end of your quest. What an adventure it's been! Can't wait to read the rest of it. The sound you hear in the background is cheers from Colorado

Anonymous said...

Just back from Colorado...we missed you! Good luck and all of our love, hope you made it!!!

cheryl and the oregon gang

Anonymous said...

Hi Paula,
Just read the note about your running partner dieing. I really feel for you!! It makes me think about my first running partner (Margot), and I can immagine how you must feel. Thanks for sharing this...