Sunday, September 23, 2007

Dog talk

Jester dog and I ran together this morning as the sunrise eased into daylight. On our way back home, we turned a corner in our neighborhood and were greeted by the sound of a yapping dog hidden behind a tall wooden fence. Actually, it was a looong tall wooden fence so there was a lot of yap! yap! yap! yap! as we made our way past the fence. Just as we were approaching the next corner, a human's voice floated out from behind the fence with "Shut up!" - and the "yap! yap! yap!" turned into "ruhh Ruh! ruhh Ruh! ruhh Ruh!" I'm pretty darned sure that's dog for shutup! shutup! shutup! Ya' gotta be careful what you say around these pooches!

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