Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Made it through the day

September 26th has come and almost gone without mishap. All that's left is the brushing of the teeth, the putting on of the jammies, and the climbing into the bed. I do believe I can safely negotiate those three hazards.

I rode my bike to & fro my volunteer job with nary a spill. I also ran twice and used sharp tools and still came through the day unscathed. Perhaps the comment left by thronedoggie has a point: it's the combination of the 26th, the bike, and the Boulder Backroads marathon that was playing havoc with me the last two years. The marathon isn't until this coming Sunday (the 30th) - and I'm not even running it this year (the first year I'll not participate in Backroads since its inception!). Who knows, I may make it into October with neither bump nor bruise. (I gotta find me some wood to knock on. See ya'!)

PJ during a midday break in Nebraska - not wounded,
simply resting with ice packs on the feet, ice cloths on the quads
and a Great Harvest Longmont energy bar at my side

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