Thursday, September 20, 2007

Packing Up

Devon & Paula just after Paula arrived at Petoskey's waterfront, 8/1/2007

This time it is my eldest, my first-born, who is packing. And this is no ordinary packing job - not for, say, a couple weeks of camp or for a trip or even for college. No, Devon, who graduated this past June then came back to Boulder to hold down the fort and take care of Jester dog while we were out galavanting across the country, is moving out on his own...back to Illinois where he went to college. My boy is a man.

It's been interesting, this round of packing. Sorting through all of his boxes, drawers, cupboards and shelves has offered quite the trip down memory lane. And digging around the bowels of the house and in the bargain bins of various thrift shops sent me right back to the 70s when I had but a few dollars to my name and was shopping for my first apartment. Twenty-two years of memories and a future burgeoning with possibilities. I wish you a magnificent ride Devon Andrew.

Grandpa (Paul Vaughan), Devon, and Opa (Woody Miller) , 1986

Devon & brother Paul, first day of school, circa 1993

Paula (Mom) and Devon, Spring 2007

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Anonymous said...

Be well, Devon. The world awaits!