Wednesday, May 07, 2008

From slug to cheetah

A restless night, pre-dawn thunder & lightning show, rain lulling me back to sleep, gray morning and little desire to get moving. But move I did since I had a volunteer job to go to - but left so late my run was all of 10 minutes to jog to the bus which drove me through the puddles to my job. Not much more energized upon finishing up at the job, I hopped on another bus then strolled from the bus through the neighborhood streets back toward home. A sluggish morning indeed.

Two blocks from home, my cell phone rang. 'Twas Joe. "Have you run yet?" "No, well, yes, to the bus and back so, no." "My morning tempo run was canceled due to lightning. Want to go?" My body is rooted in slugdom but my brain feels a spark. My brain replies with a yes. We set a meeting time 15 minutes hence - enough time to adjust my running gear and dash to the rendezvous point.

Quite the tempo run it was. 10 minute warmup after meeting with Joe, then 10 minutes tempo with 5 minute rests (easy running) in between. Times 3. On my hilly fartlek loop. Which, coincidentally, lent itself to offering an uphill on each tempo segment. Ooohlala! Sweat, heavy breathing, legs grinding away. Life pulsed through me once again and the cheetah (or a slow cousin) appeared where once a slug had been. Weeehaww!

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