Monday, January 12, 2009

Fresh powder

Predawn run along snowy Boulder Creek trail

When I run to my morning volunteer job at this time of year, it's still dark out. However, today it was dark on top and white on the bottom; we were in the midst of a gentle but thick snowstorm. As I left our driveway, the only tracks to be seen in the snow-covered street were those of my husband and dog (they had left for their walk about 15 minutes ahead of me); by now their tracks were barely discernible due to the fast-falling snow. When our paths crossed (he was looping back home as I continued east) I was startled by Kendall's appearance: snow-crusted cap, glasses, beard & jacket. (In fact, he said he had been worried about heading out in the dark wearing a charcoal gray jacket. No need to worry long, he was now sporting a frosty white jacket - quite visible in the darkness.) I didn't think I looked quite as frosty so I asked him which way the wind was blowing; yep - he was headed into it and I had it at my back. Lucky me!

After parting ways, I trotted off down a different bike path where there were no tracks to be seen. It was just me and a clean blanket of snow. About 45 minutes into the run, the morning's weather added some new entertainment features: snowballs were accumulating at the tops of my shoes/bottoms of my tights; mini-avalanches were cascading off my hat; the collar of my jacket was crackling in my ear...probably frozen. Nonetheless, there's nothing quite like being the runner who gets to lay the first track in an early morning snow fall!

p.s. to Paul if you're reading this: I tried to take a picture just for you of a tumbleweed I spotted sticking out of the new snow...too darned lucked out ;-)

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Paul said...

Take heed! It's a tumbleweed!
The songs made during a run are always so catchy.