Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Daylight Savings Time Distractions

Full moon over darkened Flatirons

I've been grumbling a bit this week about the switch to daylight savings time, having become happily accustomed to light and warmth on my early morning runs. Since the switch
  • Monday morning I ran by AndyE's house, met up with him (although I didn't even see him until he was right at my shoulder it was so darned dark), and we had a very non-chatty run together to my volunteer job...undoubtedly at a loss for words cuz our bodies were in shock from the cold and dark.
  • Tuesday morning, after a night of light snow, the streets were so icy that running was darned near impossible. So I delayed my run until the sun had a chance to do its magic. The streets did, indeed, clear - but the wind picked up as well so it was hill repeats accompanied by, yes, sunshine, but also 40+ mph gusts.
  • This morning I started out once again in the dark...but no grumbling nope! nope! A bright full moon guided my way as it slowly dropped behind the mountains, vanishing just as the eastern horizon began to lighten. And as I wound my way east and north I heard the hoot of an owl. Just ahead of me high in a tree was the owl sitting watchful as a distant hoot carried through the air towards us. I stopped and listened as the hoots drifted back and forth while the sunrise continued to brighten the sky. A lovely morning run...and all because of that bothersome daylight savings time!

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