Thursday, March 26, 2009

Summer? Winter? Both?! It must be Spring!

Yesterday - southeast Colorado.................................................................Today - our backyard

Yesterday we were in southeast Colorado, camping in high desert, listening to nothing but wind and birds, gazing out over canyons and prairie, stepping over fossil-filled rocks, gazing at pictographs etched in canyon walls, and hiking and running along cactus-studded trails. A wonderful break from the daily routine.

Today we awoke to a bit of snow, and more snow, and more snow yet. Running through the almost knee-high white stuff was quite fun, actually, since we haven't had much of it in Boulder this year...and there was so much on the ground and filling the air that traffic was almost non-existent. (Both the Boulder public schools and the University are closed for spring break this week so the town was quiet to begin with; closing the highway leading into town and shutting down city offices due to the blizzard conditions further contributed to the sleepiness of our burg.) My run was confined to quiet neighborhoods near my house to further reduce car/ped confrontations so I zigged and zagged, occasionally running along car tracks, occasionally breaking trail. By the time I returned home, I could barely see the tracks I had left when I first started out on my run. And, boy, was it fun to dash in the house and give my husband a great big frosty hug!

Yesterday, cacti. Today, snow drifts. Weather sure does liven things up!

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