Thursday, October 04, 2007

"Don't encourage her"

"Don't encourage her"
was my husband's automatic reaction whenever anyone brought up The Run during the early days of the idea and planning. In fact, he got to say it once again when the Wausau Daily Herald interviewed him; the article closed with this quote from Kendall: "My first and constant refrain was, 'Don't encourage her.' But once she gets an idea in her head..."

It is undoubtedly Kendall's tolerance for the ideas I get in my head - combined with his bodacious sense of humor - that has kept us married for 32 years - today!

If you ever find a spouse who is willing to cross the country with you at four miles an hour, cheering, singing, and dancing along the way, consider yourself one lucky human!

To Kendall, who stayed by my side as I chased my dream - thank you for a glorious 32 years and a magical summer.


Anonymous said...

Paula & Kendall!

Congratulations!!!! I remember your wedding - it was absolutely great! Original, beautiful, exceptional! Happy Anniversary!


- I like that "don't encourage her!" The planet seems to spin pretty well with that special non-encouragement!

Anonymous said...

I thought about you 2 and that very very beautiful dress. It was indeed a wonderful day, and you 2 have been good to and for each other.

love to you both....cheryl

J said...

Wow. That's excellent! Congratulations to you both!!!