Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Running errands...again

When I started typing the title of this post, I discovered I had already created a "Running errands" post back on April 27th. I took a look at it. That day, I ran a few errands, short ones, as I was trying hard to keep my mileage under 60 for the "easy" week. Today, in an attempt to get my mileage over 50 for the week, I ran the 4.5 miles to my volunteer job, then another 5 miles from my volunteer job to a part-time, temporary job that I just started, then, later today, a quick jaunt to the library and back to return a book. I'm going to be sending out a search party soon to find the gumption I had when I was cruising through those 70-80 mile weeks this past year!

A fall 2006 run, when I was brimming with gumption

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