Thursday, October 25, 2007

Morning potpourri

As I ran home from my exercise class this morning there were two things I wanted to remember:
  1. After class, the instructor offered to do caliper-based fat measurements. I decided to have mine done, figuring I'm about as thin as I'm ever going to be (tho' it would have been interesting to be measured on August 1 ...I've certainly put on a layer since then...). Sure enough, I came out at 19.6, less than when I had an underwater check back before I was a mom. Not being of the lean-body-type end of the scale, I was pleased with the reading. Now I just need to keep it there! Thus, I made a mental note to record the reading so I could compare it to future readings. (Oh how I wish there were yellow stickies for the brain; I seldom remember those things I think of during a run.)
  2. I spotted a bumper sticker I wanted to tell my family about: "A PBS brain in an MTV world." Kind of clever. Now we just need to change the world!
Then, when I got home, I remembered I needed to bathe Jester dog.
I believe I've mentioned in the past that our pooch just loves to roll in things.
Well, this morning while Kendall was walking Jester before the sun had risen, Mr K kicked something that he later said sounded like a leftover container. Kendall walked on but, apparently, off-leash Jester decided to investigate further.
When Jester dog finally came running back to Kendall, his fur was slimed and odor-de-vinaigrette emanated from our furry friend.
Thus the bath for salad dog.

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