Friday, March 20, 2015

The First Day of Spring and 63!

Oh how I love having a birthday on the first day of Spring! 
And dreaming up that short-term goal last week of running 63 miles in the week culminating in the first day of Spring made this year's Vernal Equinox even more entertaining!

As the day approached, the miles mounted. Putting in our first speed work of our 2015 Bolder Boulder training cycle yesterday certainly helped: 11 miles starting with a Taz run followed by a warmup run before a three-mile time trial and ending with a warm down. Quite the run. Quite the eye opener to how much work is ahead of me if I want to run a decent Bolder Boulder!

Today's run was all fun. Taz and I took off in 29 degree weather, heading east around his ya-ya loop then through neighborhoods to easterly trails and back, finishing in 40+ degree weather and bright sunshine. A glorious first day of spring in Boulder, Colorado and a glorious culmination of my 63-mile (+1 for good measure) 7 day stretch of running.

Let the season begin!

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