Sunday, February 19, 2012

Week's Review

17 miles into today's run - lovely countryside, stellar views

The bad news of the week: I got slammed by a cold last weekend forcing a couple of easy days on a week that was supposed to be the toughest of the 3-weeks hard/1 week easy cycle.

The good news: After a couple of easy days, the running just flowed, culminating with this weekend's running: a pretty quick 10 miles yesterday and a surprisingly easy-going 28 miles today. I did slow a tad the last four miles or so, but until then had been running a steady 11.5 minute miles (I had thought I'd be running more like 12 minute miles). Unexpected highlights:
  • a road I had never been on before that was curvy, rolling, trees, ponds, dirt road, tucked away farm, huge nests (eagle?)...lovely lovely lovely.
  • as I was running north, about 14 miles into the run, the former director of the department I worked for pre-retirement, came running south. I hadn't seen him for years. Quite fun catching up while we were both out of breath and ready to keep running.
  • about 26 miles into the run, one of my former co-workers came cycling by; hadn't seen her for months. Lots of fast chatting before we each went on our way.

Finishing up, feelin' good!

And, of course, the "usual" highlights: buffalo, llamas, cows, sheep, sheep herding dogs, yard ornaments, flocks of geese, sailing hawks, stunning views of the Continental Divide and Longs Peak. Oh! And Kendall waiting with a cinnamon roll at mile 28. Woohoo!

From left to right: "Got Hay" sign, sheep herding dog and his flock, rabbit in wood keeping an eye on the road. Below: Berthoud mural

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