Saturday, January 21, 2012

Big week. Lookin' good!

Sunrise glow over the foothills and continental divide
from the South Boulder Creek Trail.
Picture by Mary F.

This week's schedule was, shall we say, "challenging" what with 15 miles on Wednesday, 20 yesterday, 10 today and snow, ice and wind interspersed throughout. I was a bit nervous about successfully making it through the miles but having completed today's 10, it's looking pretty darned good. I need only complete a short easy run tomorrow and this week, the "big" week before the cut-back week of my 4-week training cycle, will be in the books.

This morning's run started out a bit creaky, feeling all 20 of yesterday's miles, but true to form, 55 minutes into my run my body was (finally) warmed up and running happy. Making the run even smoother and quicker, it was a positively lovely morning in Boulder: Gorgeous sunrise, fantastic venue (South Boulder Creek trail complete with cows, deer, kingfishers, and hawks), and delightful company for the last 5 miles of my 10 mile run. Topped off with breakfast with the Satruns gang of walkers and runners, you just couldn't ask for a better start to the weekend!

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