Tuesday, January 24, 2012


A typical Tuesday finds me running hills ending at the rec center, enjoying an exercise class, then running home - or, running errands which today would include a visit to the downtown library. This morning I awoke with a squirrely stomach which resulted in me missing my exercise class. Around 11 a.m., I was settled enough to venture out into what was now a snowy morning.

I decided I would zigzag my way to the library - and zigzag I did, turning a 35 minute run into a 78 minute run with jaunts down streets I seldom traverse. It was a delight! I often keep up a running (so to speak) commentary in my head as I cruise along, especially on these wandering runs. This morning's included:
  • froze toze (for some reason, my toes were especially cold this morning)
  • whimsical (upon spotting a lawn with various logs standing about topped with critter statuary)
  • interesting (in response to a sculpture that looked rather like a huge ship's anchor entrenched in a front lawn)
  • cool (for the treehouse pictured above - one of the niftiest treehouses I've ever seen)
  • school or house? [right next to] house or apartments?
  • huh (provoked by the tree sculpture of dolphins - quite unlike most tree sculptures around town that tend toward western themes or critters found in the Rockies)
  • ugh (for a huge squared-off brick monstronsity built within a bungalow-filled neighborhood)
  • snow globe (as the snow thickened but kept its gentle touch)
I just don't know what all that detritus rattling around in my brain would do if it weren't for running!

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