Saturday, January 28, 2012

Birthdays and races

The major event of the day is my first-born son's birthday. Happy birthday Devon Andrew! What an excellent life-change we experienced 27 years ago today!

Given that Mr. Devon had plans to celebrate with friends all day today, I celebrated (?!) the day with a cross-country race. Not having done much speedwork since early Autumn, I was not expecting much but knew the race would be a fun one, with a small field, close enough to home to run to/from as a warm up/warm down, and well-managed with Boulder Running Company as a primary sponsor and the Durdens in charge of the timing. Much to my surprise, I ran the slightly over 4 miles of lightly snow-covered curvy hillyish course in 36:40, picking up speed throughout, being passed only once and I passed her back. I'll take it!

After the race festivities, I trotted home, got (razzama)Taz and had a lovely walk/run around the neighborhood. A wonderful start to my 27th anniversary of being a Mom!

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