Saturday, January 14, 2012

Falling in love again

Farm gate and sunflower silo near Hygiene, Colorado

What a day for a run! 18 miles was on the agenda and, in the end, 18.8 was achieved. Being a bit bored with the usual terrain, I mapped out a route that took me from home out past the Boulder Reservoir, north on bits of the Boulder Backroads Marathon course, then further north yet to the wee town of Hygiene.

Highlights: almost balmy temperatures, headwind only over a couple of the miles, rolling dirt roads, hardly any traffic, tumbleweed country, views of foothills and plains, glimpses of snow-covered peaks, and running alongside cattle, horses, sheep, llamas, and buffalo! And for the grand finale - a pickup by Kendall and Hedwig (the motorhome we got for the run to Michigan) followed by a scrumptious lunch at Hygiene's one cafe'.

A run that reminded me of why I love love love running!

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