Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Livening up the routine

Hills again today. They're the bread and butter quality component of my training schedule. Years and years of hills - hilly loops, hill repeats, hill drills. Zillions of ups and downs on the same hills around town. Jonesing for some variety, I went to a slightly different place: the CU cross-country course, which I've run many times but have never before used for hill repeats.

Today's run: home to the course, run the low berm, the four times up and over jawbone hill and around back to jawbone. After the fourth jawbone, I headed to the eastern berm then decided to go off the beaten path a bit to take a closer look at the South Boulder Creek trail open space and cow pasture where, whoohoo!, the year's first calf (and mamas and friends) were watching my every move. I do declare, spring can't be too far away now!

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