Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Building up an appetite

Went for a run, dropping a book off at the library then continuing on to a breakfast spot.

Joined other season ticket holders for breakfast and conversation with
CU's Women's Basketball Team coaches. Very fun!

Ran from breakfast (where I only had some blueberry cornbread and
chai tea) to a hill for a few form drills then on to my exercise class.

Exercise! Weights and cardio and friends.
Ran with a couple of friends after exercise class, including 4 x 90 second pickups.
Ran to the bank.
Ran toward home and rendezvoused with Devon and Taz.
Officially introduced Taz to a neighbor and visited a bit.
Arrived back home around 11:30 where I finally had a chance for a proper meal. Hungry!

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